Staging and Structures

We have a large stock of truss for 300/400/500/750mm sizes. Using off-the-shelf truss components as well as components designed and made by Alive Fabrication we are able to build outdoor roof structures based on a number of different configurations. We combine our roof structures with a large stock of ProStaging panels and components to build a fully modular stage based on the clients needs. In addition to traditional panel-stages and truss roof structures we have a line of self-made trailer stages which are fully deployed by as little as two technicians as featured in the gallery below. These trailer stages are an excellent example of hardware designed by a manufacturer who intends to use it regularly. All of our staging products incorporate marquee or HTS-style tents for side-stage and front-of-house use.

By using industry standard practices as well as augmenting it with our own innovation we are able to deliver a product to the standards of our clients and at a very fair price.


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