Power Distribution

We are well equipped to handle any power requirements you might have. We can provide on-site power generation with our 85Kva or 160Kva trailer mounted generators available for hire. We also have the necessary infrastructure to utilize venue power with 100A/200A/400A distribution units.

We also have you covered for power infrastructure. We have a wide range of power distribution units, dimmers and cabling to get power where you need it. If you need 240v cables, three-phase cables, Powerlock (100A, 200A, 400A) cables or cable-tray, we’ve got it. We also have a large stock of Wieland 4-way (240v) and Socapex 6-way (240v) cables which can be loomed to your specifications upon request. All of our power equipment and cabling is regularly tested and maintained.


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Our staff are prepared to consult on your power requirements and calculate the safest and most cost-effective solution based on your individual needs. Contact us to get a quote today.