Lighting and Vision

Lighting and Vision is what we’re really passionate about at Alive Technologies. It’s what brings an event together and turns it into something spectacular. With a large stock of moving lights, conventional lights and dedicated effects units, we can tailor a lighting package to your needs based on the look you’re after, or we can tailor a package that closely emulates a specified lighting rig for a touring show. Our lighting has become an essential staple of many of Tasmania’s largest and most prestigious events. From the dark, foreboding atmosphere of Dark Mofo amidst the bitter Tasmanian winters to the fairground experience at the Taste of Tasmania at the height of summer, our lighting has a stunning impact which is seen and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people from across Australia and the world.

Our moving lights are predominately manufactured by Robe and our inventory consists of the BMFL, Megapointe, Pointe, 700, 600, 300e and 100e. In addition to our extensive range of Robe fixtures we also supply Ayrton MagicBlades, GLP JDC1s, Clay-Paky K20 B-Eyes, and much more. We also have IP-rated shrouds and enclosures such as full protective domes so our fixtures can emblazon the sky anywhere in the world, rain hail or shine. Our lighting consoles consists of consoles favoured by lighting operators the world over including the GrandMA3 (Lite) and GrandMA2 (Lite) by MA Lighting as well as the Road Hog 4 and Full Boar 4 by High End Systems. In addition to these consoles we also have a range of other consoles such as the Stage CL and the Event 36/72 by Jands as well as the Axiom 36/72 and the Maxim by LSC Lighting Systems.


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While we are incredibly proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our lighting stock, our vision equipment certainly hasn’t been left resting on its laurels. Our 4.8mm pitched IP rated LED screen in particular has been hugely successful and has been implemented at a wide range of functions; from a dedicated feature effect wall to a trailer-mounted screen for outside cinematic/TV viewing, we’ve turned every space imaginable into something special.