Audio Systems

Large range of L’Acoustics PAs

Our current line-array PAs include the L’Acoustics K2, vDOSC, and dV-DOSC as well as the Nexo GEO-S system. Our point-source systems include the L’Acoustics ARCs and the Nexo Alpha E systems. Our monitor speaker systems consist of L’Acoustics X15s, Nexo PS15 as well as the venerable Claire Brothers 12AM’s. All of our passive speaker systems are powered by either L’Acoustics LA8, Crown MacroTech, Crest, or Nexo amp-racks. In addition to our larger PA systems we also have a range of small, powered speakers such as the L’Acoustics 108p/112p, QSC K8/K10/K12s, and RCF 310s.


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Some of our audio consoles include the Digico SD5, Digico SD9, Avid Venue Profile & SC48, Yamaha PM5D-RH, Midas M32.

Complementing our speakers/amplifiers is an extensive array of microphones for all purposes. We only use high quality, industry-standard microphones from leading manufacturers such as Shure, Rode, AKG, Sennheiser, Oktava, DPA, and more to ensure touring acts can get that great sound they’re accustomed to.